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Border Sharks Press Release

Download Press Release Here

Meet Leslie and Frances: border security is their priority. That and Taco Tuesdays. Hunt the Vigan take a darkly comic look at the global trend towards Draconian immigration control.  With Trump on one side of the pond and Brexit on the other: is this the future of our borders?  Either way, it’s got these two immigrants shaking in their non-native boots.


Partly inspired by a run-in at border control and their love of 80s nostalgia.




Shooting Border Sharks

After having to postpone the shoot three times, struggling to find a humdrum office space, they fondly nicknamed it “the cursed mermaid shoot.” However, they persevered despite the tightest of tight budgets totaling £0, a multi-roling crew of 2 and one cast member with a mild case of Yellow Fever.     


About Hunt the Vigan

Hunt the Vigan are a London-based comedy duo made up of American Erin Hunter and Irishman James Gavigan. They went viral earlier this year with comedy parenting video Boobies in a Box which has amassed 6 million views and was featured in global press including The Huffington Post and The Irish Sun.  They’ve just signed a distributor for their 1940s screwball comedy web series A Quick Fortune, which won a screenwriting award at the DC Web Fest and featured at Raindance.  In 2016 they’ve created a number of comedy sketches including a commission from Irish mental health charity, Connect and a collaboration with Stylist magazine.



Written by Hunt the Vigan (Erin Hunter and James Gavigan)

Directed and Edited by Phil Kelly

Second Camera James Thorne

Additional Editing Noor Alnaqeeb


Border Agents Erin Hunter and James Gavigan

Mermaid Joss Wyre

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